We are looking for a few individuals who want to “Play the Financial Game and create a lot of Income" from the comfort of their home. Most Board Games will use Funny Paper Money. We will Play with Real Money to create Excitement and Interest!

This Game can be played anywhere there is an internet connection
and a desire to make life better for themselves and their family.

Rule # 1 Start Your Game in Level 1 and earn your 1st $200 before Advancing to Level # 2. Future Earnings, Compounding and Leveraging of Income begins in Level #1. Very Important to Your Future Earning Potential!

Rule # 2 The Rich have learned they must leverage their Time, Talent and Money with other People and the Rich have their Money Work for them! Most were taught to get a JOB and Work for the Money! A totally different Philosophy.

Rule # 3 This Game has the potential to create any amount of Personal Wealth your heart may desire provided you Master the Skill of the Rich.

Rule # 4 As You play the Game You will have 24/7 web sites, training videos and support. It is Your responsibility to take the time to Study and Research all 5 web sites, use all the conference calls and videos on the our web sites.

Rule # 5 To leverage and Maximize your Income Potential You must be Qualified in all four Levels! Your Game starts in Level 1 by leveraging a one-time $25 out of pocket or purse to Create Multiple Streams of Income.

Ok, Let's get started!

1st Income Stream:
1st Income Stream: Built by the People, For the People! Are You Ready to Move Your World? Create $200 a month in Residual Income and start 2 new Stream of Income. Now you are ready to start level 2.

2nd Income Stream:
Introducing… A Very Exciting and Highly Affordable Business Designed to Generate Automated Residual Wealth in Record Time! Create $300 a month in Residual Income and start 3 more Streams of Income. You are ready to start level 3.

3rd Income Stream:
CASH-BACK on the Gas, Groceries, Dining and Travel! Shop at the Stores where You are Already Shopping! Share This Money Saving Membership with Family, Friends and Neighbors.

4th Income Stream:
Don’t just Live. We take nutrition science seriously. Our scientists combine advanced research, leading-edge manufacturing and laboratory technologies, and rigorous testing to create uniquely elective formulas. The result: Better Health with Greater Wealth

5th Income Stream:
A Discount Travel Membership and Home Based Opportunity with Unlimited Income Potential. Offering a business model that is truly unique. It is designed as a true team concept to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to earn a substantial income! We urge you to view the travel and compensation plan video to learn the uniqueness and power of our business model.

6th Income Stream:
Use This Marketing Breakthrough! (WITHOUT making mistakes that ruin most newbies) Create Income in ANY Economy. (and beat the recession on YOUR terms) Easily Supplement your Income… or Totally Replace it! (And even give yourself a hefty raise!) And Get Results Like A Seasoned Pro… IMMEDIATELY

You are in Profit and Leveraging 6 New Streams of Income! It’s time to consider how to Protect and Diversify your Financial Investments

7th Income Stream:
Reduce Your Taxes! Learn how to legally reduce your taxes and increase your income. Use the Home-Based Business Tax Strategy allowed by the IRS tax code to your advantage.

8th Income Stream:
Join the Financial Revolution. The first transparent, Global, Cryptocurrency for everyone. The One Coin cryptocurrency is easy to mine, easy to trade and easy to use. Watch this video to see the next generation of currency.

9th Income Stream:
Our Mission To Give Every One An Equal Opportunity To Build Wealth That Will Last For Generations. Watch this video to gain a better understanding of how Gold is a Critical part of your Financial Portfolio.

Plan B for America will work for you if you work the plan!

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